Protection Spells

Protect yourself from negative energy influences! Protective magic, purification from black magic, freedom from negative entities and exorcism, evil spirits, enemies, and thieves. These protection spells are designed to  protect you from negative influences.

Do you have a suspicion of a black magic attack? Do you suddenly feel iniquitous and you don’t know why? Has your physician detected a disease which came without any warning and your health is not improving? Do you want to protect your business from thieves and evil people? Below are some of the protection spells I offer;

Avoid unseen dangers
This protection spell may heighten and strengthen your inner senses and your own natural defense system so that you can tell the difference between real danger to yourself and imagined danger or fear. This knowing may help you to feel totally safe and secure in listening to and following this inner guidance protection system. An inner knowing may guide you away from dangerous situations and people.
Banish evil spirits
This spell is intented to protect you from evil energies, witches, or unwanted stray visitors. After casting this spell, you may start noticing a clear change in the energy surrounding you and your home. The energy produced by this spell may be reassuring to humans but the evil spirits may find it to be unpleasant.
Banish misfortune
One of the first things you may notice after having this spell cast is an inner feeling like a huge weight has been lifted off  you. You may feel lighter, freer, and much more at ease. You may begin to notice that all the bad luck that was afflicting you begins to dissipate and things start moving in a forward direction once again.
Bless my home
This blessing spell may fill your home with good, positive energy to help you feel more comfortable and at peace in your surroundings. It may also be helpful in removing negative energies near your home as well as in your life. This spell may set up a powerful barrier that helps to deter all negative powers and entities, keeping you and your family safe and secure. It may also attract blessings and good fortune helping to produce a harmonious environment for you and your family.
Helping hand
This spell is designed to help you to get help from unexpected ways, in unexpected places and from unexpected “chance” meetings with people. One thing may lead to another.
Peaceful sleep
This spell is designed to protect you from unwanted spiritual visitors while you sleep, giving you a more restful and relaxing nights sleep. You may receive positive thoughts, feelings and images in your dreams, and relive good memories instead of negative ones. It may also be good for people who find it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep.
Wall of protection
The effects of this spell may begin with a growing feeling of safety and security that may seem to be emanating from within you. This aura of safety and security may fill a space that extends to about ten feet all around your body with a shimmering white protective light that others can’t quite see with their physical eyes, but aware of it within their mind. It may grow stronger day by day by keeping all negative influences at bay.


*Results may vary from individual to individual*