Healing Spells

Healing spells may work with your body in order to create the balanced energies needed for the body to heal itself from the inside out. They may help to get your body back on track in a gentle manner that invites healing energy to help you maximize your health potential.
Abundant energy spell
This spell may help if you have been feeling tired, and run down. You may start feeling more alive, motivated and energetic. You could wake up feeling refreshed, full of energy and ready to face the day with an abundance of energy throughout the entire day. You may sleep less than you used to, but the sleep may be deeper, more relaxing and refreshing, so you can wake up the following day feeling even better than you did the day before.
Aura cleansing spell
Auras may pick up vibrational energies that are floating around everywhere you go. Negative emotions of people around you might stick to it. Once the aura cleansing is complete, a gentle auric revitalization completes the process. An auric revitalization may fill in any gaps in the aura, strengthening and fortifying it with pure white energy, making you feel revitalized and energized. You may find that this has an extremely positive affect on their health as well, because all negativity is gently lifted away, allowing the aura to do a better job of protecting you from negative energies.
Gain weight spell
This spell may help you to gain weight. You may start becoming attracted to foods, beverages and herbs that you might not normally eat, foods that may help cleanse, heal and balance your body. Your body knows what it needs to balance itself, this spell might bring these things to your awareness, and help you find ways to fulfill those needs.
Melting pounds away spell
After casting this spell, you may begin to notice that your eating habits are changing, very subtly at first, then gradually you might start feeling more attracted to better and healthier foods that help your body to achieve the balance needed to start slimming down.
Overcome anxiety spell
This spell may help you experience a major boost of natural energy during the day and feel more relaxed at night. You may become completely calm, confident and ready to conquer the day. You may feel yourself strengthened and lifted up to a positive place of endless constructive possibilities.
Quit smoking spell
This spell may help to quit smoking. You may notice that you are lighting up less and less frequently without even thinking about it. Your mind may become preoccupied with other thoughts that keep you forgetting to light up, you might be watching a movie, reading a magazine and suddenly realize that the day is almost over and you haven’t lit one cigarette yet.
Spiritual energy healing spell
My spirit guides may  help you align with your higher self to find the best way to bring balance and healing to your mind, body and spirit. This process may help you to activate and strengthen your body’s own natural healing systems and strengthen your auric field, thereby helping to create a natural flow of healing energy that is constantly crossing through every part of you, it may make you feel more vibrantly alive and energized.

*Results may vary from individual to individual*